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Greenhills Veterinary Hospital

Located in the Hunter Valley in NSW. 

Our hospital is purpose built and is equipped with state of the art facilities and equipment so we can be sure to provide your pet with the best care that we possibly can.

General Veterinary Services

Our team of kind and friendly professionals conduct regular consultations Monday to Saturday from our Greenhills vet clinic. We will examine your pet and perform routine weight checks as well as checking their coat, eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lungs, abdomen and limbs as part of your pet’s general health examination.

Call Greenhills Vets today to make an appointment for your pet’s health check and let us advise you how to best care for your four legged companion. We also cater for the two legged feathered variety as well as pocket pets such as mice, rats and guinea pigs.

Radiographic & Ultrasound Facilities

At Greenhills Vets we are equipped with the latest in modern digital radiographic technology and ultrasound facilities.

Radiographs are one of the most common procedures we use to detect many problems with your pet’s skeletal and soft tissue anatomy.

An ultrasound is designed to show the difference between solid tissue and fluids within the animal. It is incredibly valuable as it often allows us to detect diseases of the heart, liver, lungs, spleen, intestines, kidneys and bladder without the need for invasive surgery.


Having your pet vaccinated is one of the best preventative measures a pet owner can take to protect their pet from debilitating and often fatal diseases such as canine distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus and feline enteritis, Aids and cat flu. An initial course of vaccinations from 6-8 weeks of age as well as regular vaccinations throughout the course of your pet’s life will ensure they are protected from these horrendous diseases.

Greenhills Vets performs vaccinations for kittens, puppies, cats and dogs. These vaccinations are also generally required should you wish to place your pet in a boarding kennel.


Greenhills Vets offers desexing for cats and dogs. This procedure is a day surgery so your pet can return to his or her own bed that night. Once the procedure is finished, your pet will be carefully monitored to ensure they are comfortable and recover swiftly. Desexing is usually performed around 6 months of age.

Not only does desexing reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens it can also reduce territorial behaviour, testicular and prostatic cancer in males as well as reducing the incidence of mammary cancer, uterine and ovarian cancer and uterine infection in females. It also prevents wandering in search of a mate in both sexes.

Pet Nutrition & Supplies

Providing your pet with a balanced diet and nutritional food contributes to a prolonged life. At Greenhills Vets, we have extensive training in nutritional requirements for small animals (including birds), so please ask us for information on the best food for your pet.

We carry a range of specially formulated wet and dry food (including prescription diets for specific health requirements) that will provide suitable nutrition for your pet. Our range includes age appropriate food which has been formulated for the needs of your pet. In addition to the food, adequate fresh water supply is essential for all pets.

Surgical Procedures

Our veterinary surgery is equipped to conduct surgical procedures for small animals, including routine desexing, removal of lumps to more complicated orthopaedic surgery. We have an in-house diagnostic laboratory which allows us to be sure your pet is healthy enough to undergo surgical procedures and specialized monitoring equipment to ensure your pet’s anaesthesia is as safe as possible.

Whether your pet has suffered from a sprain, fracture or hip dysplasia, we have visiting surgeons who can attend their needs. Once your pet has undergone surgery, we will provide them with the highest level of care to ensure their recovery is as swift and as comfortable as possible.

Dental Services

Just like humans, animals need their teeth and gums in normal, healthy condition in order to properly chew their food thereby gaining maximum nutrients and vitamins from their diet. But, did you know, that dirty teeth are a major cause of kidney and heart disease due to the transfer of bacteria from the mouth to the blood stream.

Here at Greenhills Vets, the emphasis is on prevention of dental disease so we provide regular dental checks with recommendations for various measures to ensure your pet’s pearly whites stay clean and strong and their breath fresh. “Dog” or “cat” breath is not cool!

We also perform removal of tartar build-up and polishing of teeth for early dental disease as well as extractions and gum surgery for more advanced disease.

A clean mouth leads to a longer, healthier life.

Tick & Flea Treatment

Not only do we enjoy living in the Hunter Valley but so too do fleas and the deadly paralysis tick. At Greenhills Vets we have a large range of preventative products available to minimize your pet becoming a victim to these nasty parasites. We are sure to have a product to suit your pet’s needs.

Remember daily manual searching of the coat is the gold standard for preventing envenomation from the paralysis tick however, should your pet show any signs of tick toxicity it is essential that you bring them to our clinic immediately.